Ward – Yet another Server Dashboard

Ward is a simple and and minimalistic server monitoring tool. Ward supports adaptive design system. Also it supports dark theme. It shows only principal information and can be used, if you want to see nice looking dashboard instead looking on bunch of numbers and graphs. Ward works nice on all popular operating systems, because it uses OSHI.

This article will show you how to setup Ward, it’s really simple.


  • Ubuntu 18.04



  1. Install OpenJDK
    • Since Ward is written in Java, we need to install JDK first, execute command
      apt install openjdk-8-jre
  2. Get Ward jar package
    • You can get latest Ward jar package from here. Execute command
      wget https://github.com/B-Software/Ward/releases/download/v1.7.7/ward-1.7.7.jar

      Replace the URL to the latest version if there’s one.

  3. Run Ward
    • Execute command
      java -jar [your path here]/ward-x.x.x.jar

  4. Ward is listening on port 4000 by default. You will be asked to set the server’s name, the UI theme and the running port.
    • After the first run, Ward will create a config file named setup.ini in the same directory, you can change your previous settings directly by editing this file.



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