N64Wasm – 浏览器 N64 模拟器

An N64 emulator that runs in the browser. It is a port of the excellent RetroArch ParaLLEl Core to WebAssembly. This project started because I wanted to have a well playing open-source N64 emulator designed for the web. I also wanted to learn OpenGL and this was a good way to dive in. Game compatibility is decent with a good portion of the 3D games playable and at full speed on a mid-range computer - Mario 64, Ocarina of Time etc... There is currently an issue with some 2D games such as Dr Mario 64 and Pokemon Puzzle League which I am still investigating. I also tested on the iPhone 13 Pro and Xbox Series X Browser and it works great.

下文将展示如何在 Debian 11 下搭建 N64Wasm


  • Debian 11
    • Emscripten



安装 Emscripten 2.0.7


git clone https://github.com/emscripten-core/emsdk.git
cd emsdk
./emsdk install 2.0.7
./emsdk activate 2.0.7
source ./emsdk_env.sh

安装 N64Wasm


git clone https://github.com/nbarkhina/N64Wasm.git
cd N64Wasm/code

将 code 目录下编译完成的 n64wasm.data、n64wasm.js、n64wasm.wasm 复制到 N64Wasm/dist 目录下

cp code/n64wasm.* dist

配置 Nginx

将 N64Wasm 目录移动到有 Nginx 权限的目录下,并修改权限

mv N64Wasm /var/www
chown -R www-data:www-data N64Wasm

在 /etc/nginx/sites-available 下新建配置文件 n64,写入以下内容

server {
        listen 80;
        server_name _;

        root /var/www/N64Wasm/dist;

        index index.html;

新建软链接,启动 nginx

ln -s /etc/nginx/sites-available/n64 /etc/nginx/sites-enabled
nginx -t # 测试配置
nginx -s reload


可选:服务器内置 ROM List

N64Wasm 可以通过浏览器上传 ROM 使用,同时也支持服务器内置 ROM:可以将 ROM 上传至服务器,使用的时候直接选择对应 ROM,无需在本地存储 ROM

在 N64Wasm/dist 下新建目录 roms,将 .z64、.n64 等后缀的 ROM 上传至服务器,放置在 roms 目录下,最后编辑 dist 目录下的 romlist.js,如下图

之后浏览器访问 Web 页面,会多出一个下拉菜单用于选择 ROM



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