Fix Proxmox VE Permission denied (invalid ticket 401)


After logged into the web front end, PVE constantly asking me to login again.

Since it’s impossible to stay login, I can’t upload big ISO image(like Windows), a window says Permission denied (invalid ticket 401) will popup during the process.

After some searching in PVE forum, I found out this is a system time issue. Execute the command

journalctl -u pvedaemon

to check pvedaemon journal, it shows the system start time is 8 hours behind the current time.



I found two solutions, one works(for me), another doesn’t.

Solution 1

Install ntpdate to sync time to a ntp server(which didn’t help me).

  1. Install ntpdate
    apt install ntp ntpdate
  2. Sync time
    ntpdate -u
    # you can use other ntp server, like

Solution 2

Set the motherboard bios time(or RTC, Rea-Time Clock) as the linux standard local time.

  1. Execute command
    timedatectl set-local-rtc 1
    hwclock --localtime --systohc

The final result

The local time is the same as the RTC time, and the universal time is different.


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