Get a MacOS or Linux shell, for free, in around 2 minutes

I don’t have a Mac, but I often want to test my software on a Mac, or build software for folks using Macs. Rather than shelling out thousands of dollars to buy a Mac, it turns out we can use GitHub Actions to give us access to one for free! fastmac makes this process as simple as possible. Note that this only gives us access to a terminal shell, not a full GUI.

Description above is from fastmac repo, and also:

fastmac is a very thin wrapper around tmate, so all the features of tmate are available. tmate itself is based on tmux, so you have all that functionality too. In practice, that means other people can connect to the same ssh session, and you’ll all be sharing the same screen! This can be very handy for debugging and support. The integration with Github Actions is provided by action-tmate.

This post will show you how to setup fastmac.

Instead of reading this post, you can also follow the guide fastmac creator provides.


Fastmac uses GitHub Actions, so you need to get a GitHub account first. Continue reading “fastmac – get a free MacOS/Linux shell in two minutes”

之前发过一篇 LinuxGSM自建游戏服务器(l4d2),提到了本来想搭建英雄萨姆3的多人游戏,但是因为 LinuxGSM 不支持而失败了(现在看来当时的错误也是找不到,下文解决了这个问题,所以 LinuxGSM 也可以用),如今改用 SteamCMD

本文将展示如何用 SteamCMD 搭建英雄萨姆3多人游戏服务器,也适用于任意 Steam 游戏的独立服务器


  • Debian 10



新建 SteamCMD 用户

为了更安全的使用 SteamCMD,需要新建 steam 用户,以 root 用户运行 SteamCMD 会有安全风险

  1. 新建 steam 用户
    useradd -m -s /bin/bash steam
  2. 修改 steam 用户密码
    passwd steam
  3. 将 steam 用户加入 sudo 用户组
    adduser steam sudo

    如果是新安装的 Debian 10 环境,还需要手动安装 sudo 指令

    apt install sudo
  4. 切换到 steam 用户
    su - steam

后续步骤的指令都在 steam 用户下执行 Continue reading “SteamCMD 搭建游戏服务器”